Formply F17 1200*1800*17mm Formply F17

Formply F17 1200*1800*17mm Formply F17
Formply F17 1200*1800*17mm

Size: 1200*1800*17mm;
Core material: Eucalyptus;
Glue: Phenolic glue A bond (72 hours in boiling water);
Surface: Dynea black film, off-finish Class 2
Formply F17

Formply F17 1200*1800*17mm is used in construction industry for forming concrete. F17 formply is made with a bond glue,hardwood core and poplar veneer faces with a high density overlay resin impregnated finish. Perfect for use in concrete formwork and can be used several times. Usually, used in outdoor environment and exposed to external weather conditions, rain, sun light, heat from concrete being formed.
Formply F17 Recommended for decks, retaining walls, bridges, culvert construction, building slabs, civil engineering projects etc

Formply F17

Size: 1220*1800mm

Thickness: 17mm
Core material: hardwood, pine, etc
Glue: phenolic glue A bond (72 hours in boiling water)
Face/Back: Dynea film, black/brown film, Off-finish Class 2
Moisture Content: 6-10%
Application: concrete formwork, construction, wagon building, etc;

Characteristics - High strength and stiffness to weight ratio; high dimensional stability; high panel shear; chemical resistance.